Your Ultimate Payments Collection Management Solution

At Collecto, we streamline payments—cash or digital. Real-time insights that empower business owners and managers.
Imagine tracking Samson’s collections: 20 shillings from 2 clients, 20 minutes ago.
But we offer more: Value Added Services (VAS), robust client info, calling lists, gamification, RESTful API integration, and sales support.
Welcome to the future of payment management!

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Seamless Payments: Instant Mobile Payments: Cash Confirmation by Staff:

Collecto simplifies payment management for businesses, enabling easy collection of payments—whether in cash or digital currency with real-time insights for supervisors.

Instant Mobile Payments:

  • Customers respond to USSD prompts on their phones via preferred mobile money providers (MTN, Airtel, or FlexiPay)
  • Effortless and quick transactions without the need for additional apps or steps.

Cash Confirmation by Staff:

  • Staff members confirm cash payments using their unique PINs within the system
  • Securely manage pre-funded floats and maintain accurate records.
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Flexible Installments Handling

Per Client Installments:

  • For businesses that accept installment payments from individual clients, Collecto allows you to set up customized installment plan.
  • Each client's payment history is tracked separately, ensuring accurate records of their installments.
  • Example: If Client A is paying for a service in three installments, Collecto will generate statements specific to Client A's payment schedule.

Per Invoice Installments:

  • Alternatively, if your business prefers to manage installments based on specific invoices or transactions, Collecto can handle that too.
  • You'll receive detailed statements showing the progress of each invoice's installment payments.
  • Example: If Invoice B has three installments, Collecto will create statements specifically for Invoice B.
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